Better Business Bureau

Expert On-Site Security Service for Secure Document Destruction

The Shredder is a locally-owned on-site document destruction company. We are dedicated to keeping our clients' confidential information safe, secure and out of the wrong hands. Our company is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Our Certified Destruction Agents are bonded, badged and uniformed.

Every business, even home-based, have information that requires destruction and all businesses will need to securely destroy confidential data. Confidential and corporate information is accessible for accidental or intentional viewing if not handled properly. On-site shredding offers our clients the peace-of-mind knowing that sensitive information has been destroyed on their property. It is The Shredder's business to ensure that no one knows your business.

On-site shredding assures that sensitive documents are destroyed on location before the recycling process begins. The shredded material is compacted and mixed with other data, making it virtually unidentifiable. The combination of security containers and on-site shredding provides an unbroken chain of custody until the material is destroyed. We offer multiple services that can be tailored to your secure shredding needs. Call us for a FREE assessment and site visit.